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Bio: Andy Williams is a Director in Baringa Partners Natural Resources practice.   He specialises in designing and delivering change in international commodity trading and has over 20 years of experience of providing services to the sector.   His experience spans target operating model design, IT architecture, trading system and ERP implementation, regulatory compliance and process excellence.   In the past 10 years he has worked with all four of the “ABCD” agricultural commodity traders as well as several other of the largest trading business globally.   

He has for many years believed that technology will at some point radically change the global commodities trading sector, largely eliminating the current “paper chase”.    He believes that recent technology developments have made this ever more likely with the processes around trade finance being some of the most pressing to re-engineer.

Session(s): Day 2, 30th May 2018

09.45 Presentation: The future of trade finance

  • What issues are we facing in the financing area?

  • What can be done in the short to medium term? Business process optimisation, integration, reporting and incentives

  • What are the long term technology changes that will change the landscape? 

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