ZE has been in the commodity space for quite some time now, what are the major trends you’ve seen emerging over the years in that industry ?

   We continue to see substantive consolidation of data processes within companies of all sizes. Those companies that have so far relied on in-house systems are finding that they can no longer suppo...

  Ito van Lanschot had struggled for the past 25 years trying to deliver complete and accurate daily reports on exposures and performance in the commodities industry. Born out of frustration he founded Commodity Services and Solutions in 2010, which was renamed TRADESPARENT in 2016, a software solution for the commodities industry that...

  It has been a week and a half now since excess organic chloride levels were detected in Urals crude supplies exported from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline. Later it was confirmed that contaminated oil was supplied to the Baltic port of Ust-Luga as well. It seems now increasingly likely that it will take Russia

several weeks to restore...

The LNG market continues its transformation. We have witnessed very few FIDs since 2016, but we expect a flood of FIDs over the next 24 months.

  After witnessing FIDs of some 15-20 million tonnes per annum for the past 15 years, in 2016, we had 6 mmt of FIDs; in 2017, only 3 mmt; and in 2018, so far only 4 mmt.

  The slow pace of FIDs is...

 While long-term cycles in the refining business may come to a slow end in the latter part of the 2020s, the short term cyclical movements are remarkable as we head towards IMO.

  Gasoline cracks have seen a stunning rebound, lifting refining margins globally. Everyone is asking whether it can last. We think it can, but it will be a mix...


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No means no, but not no oil : 

 On Monday, a US press release stated that there would be no e...

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