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Session(s): Day 2 - 11.30

Staying on top of regulatory risk management

  • MiFID II and what it means for commodity trading entities

  • MAR, GDPR and other impacting regulations: Steps towards compliance

  • Surveillance tools and training: How much more is needed to combat market manipulation, money laundering and bribery?

  • Trade sanctions and alert systems


Session(s): Day 2- 12.10

Optimising your hedging strategy 

  • MiFID II, accounting rules: What’s the context for hedging?

  • What’s your hedging philosophy?

  • As a consuming company, what are the tools at hand?

  • Use of structured products

Day 2 - 14.10

Counterparty risk in risky countries

  • Counterparty risk mitigation tools to the benchmark: What is at hand when dealing with high-risk markets?

  • Export Credit Agencies and trade credit risk insurance: How do they help and how to best use them?

  • Fraud risk: The importance of KYC procedures

Day 2 - 15.30

Political risks – How to minimise the impact

  • Impact of political will on prices and market dynamics: How can you make the most out of it, commercially speaking

  • Quotas and emerging markets: Making sure you have the right channels in place to absorb the shock

  • Looking at the example of Brexit: Consequences on contract law and sourcing agreements

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