Our hospitality packages are often our most popular and we receive exceptional feedback time after time from our clients as they enjoy the more relaxed moments of the events. 


We host Networking Breaks, Lunches and Drinks Receptions during and after the event. We strive for the best 5* food and beverage services that will add a gourmet twist to the Summit.


Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved and be the host sponsor of a special lunch, drink or welcome the guests in through an exclusive branded experience by your company!


Branded Features

Enhance your company brand and visibility by sponsoring:


 - Lanyards

 - USBs

 - Live voting system

 - Prize draw

 - Pens & merchandise

 - Branded delegate packs

 - Document covers


You can also add on:


 - Dedicated marketing emails

 - Interviews & adverts

Exhibition & Business Networking

Commodities People offers excellent opportunities to meet with the senior delegation and speaking faculty at each of our Summits. We can help facilitate personal meetings with the industry’s most important companies, so that you discuss current and future business opportunities.


You can opt to have an exhibition stand at our Summits to showcase your work in the industry and invite delegates to come and meet you. It’s a good opportunity to bring your brand to the forefront, highlight recent projects and work you have been involved in, and provide a hub to give information on the latest technology and services you can implement to improve business.

 - Give a stand-alone Presentation

 - Participate in a Panel Discussion

 - Give a joint Case Study with an existing client

 - Take a Demo Presentation slot


Speaking opportunities allow you to:


 - Showcase how your products or services can move the industry forward

 - Get recognised and let people come to you for information

 - Enhance your networking experience

Speaking Opportunities
Press Coverage

At every Summit we work very closely with the major media outlets, both local and global, for the extensive promotion of our events as well as to ensure there is regional and global coverage of industry developments that are announced at the Summits.


As a sponsor, you will benefit from the coverage throughout the Summit, and your products, knowledge, services and involvement in the Summit will often be highlights through interviews, press releases and press conferences. 


Let the industry know what you are up to and what your upcoming plans are, or use our media platform to announce your most recent product or series of services.

Online Marketing

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