If your company provides services and products to commodity producing, trading or consuming companies, ComRisk 2019 is the right place to meet potential clients and showcase your expertise in one of these areas:




CTRM systems, procurement and logistics systems are becoming essential to risk management. The Forum will naturally allow for discussions on the matter, so make sure you take part and show your expertise.

Risk Management Consulting 

Developing a proper risk management framework and culture is key to enabling efficient risk functions in a company. Our risk experts from trading houses and commodity consuming companies would love to hear about your success stories.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Ocean carriers and transportation companies in general are paramount to help reduce the supply chain risks. ComRisk will be an ideal place to position your company as a leader in that field.

Regulatory Advice

Regulatory risks faced by commodity companies can have impact on profit as well as on reputation. Getting the right legal advice can make a real difference. Getting involved at ComRisk will help your advisory firm reach out to the risk practitioners seeking such support.



Trade finance, letters of credit, hedging strategy, risk management… The banking sector still has a big role to play within the commodity space, and ComRisk will be the place to emphasise this role.



Transferring risk to insurance companies is an option that many companies have to consider, especially around trade credit and logistics risks. If your company specialises in these risks, then you should get involved.

Inspection & Certification


Commodity quality is at the heart of procurement and supply specialists’ priorities. If your company offers certification or inspection services, then make sure you come to ComRisk and meet the commodity producers and buyers.



As a brokerage firm, your company manages a big part of the risks related to trading. This is the kind of risk transfer that commodity companies are looking to hire when the risk burden is getting too heavy. Be there and showcase your services.

Exchanges & Clearing Houses


The importance of exchanges and clearing houses has never been so big, with the regulatory burden getting heavier and risk management becoming such an essential piece of compliance.  Producers, trading companies and consumers will be keen on hearing how you can assist them and make their life easier.

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