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Laurent Cousin began his career in 1995 in Paris, in the Front Office of Credit Agricole on Agricultural futures markets and moved thereafter to an important French cooperative as a cereals trader and implemented the first Wheat indexation contracts based on MATIF with farmers.

In 1998 he joined ROQUETTE, a leader in specialty food ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients to manage sales of co-products to the feed industry in Europe. He opened the first MATIF account of ROQUETTE for hedging and developed indexation contracts for compound feed customers. After becoming Head of Sales, a transfer to ROQUETTE Russia, Laurent moved to Geneva, created the Group Margin Management department and was responsible for setting up ROQUETTE Switzerland.

Thanks to his extensive experience from a large number of ROQUETTE departments, he managed to have a holistic view on the margin creation and risk exposure of the company, which gave him the responsibility to implement Dynamic Margin Management concept in the Roquette Group worldwide.


A Margin management solution in the context of a processing company - A holistic risk approach

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