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Bio: Generation 10’s Founder-CEO,  Richard Williamson, has been named as a CTRM Thought Leader by Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech), the leading analyst organization covering the ETRM and CTRM software markets.

ComTech created the CTRM Thought Leaders program to recognize individuals that have made significant contributions to the technologies and related processes that are a critical component to the commodities trading industries. The Thought Leaders will serve on a standing ComTech panel of CTRM experts and will provide insights on industry trends and other issues facing commodities companies.

Richard  has 18 years of domain expertise across commodity risk management, marine cargo insurance, quality assurance and analytics. He consults for a number of trading companies as well as the USDAWTO and various international commodity associations and writes regular contributions for trade publications. Having dedicated his professional life to solving the complex issues in commodity management such as traceability, quality assurance and risk management, Richard is committed to improving the flow and value of information in the world of commodities.

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Session(s): Day 3, Thursday 18 May 2017

14.00  Supply chain management – Securing the whole process

  • Identifying the weak points of the supply chain in terms of risky areas

  • Monitoring the supply: What tools are at hand?

  • System integration challenges:

  • How to include logistics, chartering and vessels operations management into the existing systems

  • What sort of in-house expertise do you need? How much can you outsource?

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