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Bio: Sameer Soleja is the founder and CEO of Molecule, a Houston-based company that makes the world’s only modern risk software for commodities trading. Prior to founding Molecule in 2012, he spent a decade in consulting, working with SunGard, BearingPoint, and Stryve Advisors.


Sameer holds MBA and Public Policy degrees from the University of Michigan, where he studied arcane capital markets theories and practices, such as sukuk and Turkish financial clearinghouses. He also holds a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Session(s): Day 1 - 16.30

CTRM technology – Adapting to a changing trading environment

  • System implementation project management: Who is involved

  • Establishing clear objectives: What do you expect from the system? What sort of timelines you are looking at?

  • Critical steps of development, whether in-house or off-shelf products

  • Integration with the existing systems: Challenges

  • Examples of successful implementations: What were the key success factors?

Day 3 - WORKSHOPS DAY - 13.00

Market risk: Identification monitoring, mitigation

  • How market risk has evolved over time

  • Measuring tools and modelling

  • Calculating VaR: For what purpose?

  • Expected shortfall calculations

  • IT perspective: How to achieve better risk aggregation?

  • Simulations and stress testing: 

  • Hedging

    • Defining hedging objectives

    • Hedging strategy over time – How far can you plan

    • Options-based hedging: Advantages and limits

    • Collars: When can they help

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