The Implications of Political Risk on Market Risk: How to commercially manage this risk

November 30, 2016

Kim Benni, Director of Market Risks at Tereos, explains the best practices in commodity risk management. Click here to download his full presentation!

 How do we minimise the impact of these concerns?

  • Export taxes, bans, and informal restrictions

       - Build an independent and reliable market information network

       - Contract design

  • Currency devaluation

       - Denomination currency

       - Payment currency

  • Change in government policies

       - Actively monitor policies for governments of countries that matter for the commodity you are trading

       - Automate monitoring, issue warnings when change is over 2 sigmas

  • International sanctions

        - Actively monitor sanctions lists applicable to the commodities, countries, an counterparties

        - Get a compliance information system and seek legal counsel

        - Manage stakeholders



Download full presentation >>



Kim Benni will be running a workshop on Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 11:40am on 'Monte Carlo Simulation VS. What if scenarios'


Click here to download the full agenda!




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