What are heads of trading concerned about? How do they see the rise of DLTs? Commodities People speaks with Mihail Manasov

April 20, 2018


Risk management is not reserved to risk managers only. Far from it. Many different layers of the company can be involved in managing, monitoring, reducing, and mitigating the risks – whether they do it consciously or not. And trading functions are of course on the frontline. We’ve had a chat with Mihail Manasov, Head of Trading for RJH Trading, and this is what he shared with us.

You are heading the trading function at RJH Trading, a metal trading company. What would you say are the top 3 challenges you face every day?


My main daily challenge is ensuring that;


Everybody is up to date with all the developments as they happen, payments in and out, releases, arrivals, shipments, pricings, documents etc.


That all advices and confirmations are correct and sent out in time

That proper communication and control is exercised at all times to ensure that any possible delays or mistakes are prevented or immediately corrected.


As a company dedicated to physical trading, what is your take on the rise of blockchain and other technologies? (Do you feel the game will change in the coming years? How?)


I believe that "blockchain technology will become more widely used particularly if ways to lower the energy needed to run the same are found". However as most of the markets we are presently involved in are heavily regulated I believe"it will take some time until this new technology gets the necessary approvals".


You've been participating in ComRisk since year 1, and before that to other gatherings around emerging markets, risk management and metals in general. What value do you see in taking part in such meetings?


It is always good to hear the views of high achieving leaders in the industry, people with hands on experience in their relevant fields, but what I find of particular value is the easy going atmosphere in which you can have access with nearly all the participants officially at question time or around fringes of the event. 



Mihail will be speaking at the 3rd ComRisk - Global Commodity Risk Management Forum next month in London. For more information on his topic, simply click here


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